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Becoming a homeowner at Val de Vie means you become part of a community. We’d like to keep you informed and would love to hear from you whether you are a current homeowner or thinking of buying on the estate.

Below are useful links to answer any questions you may have:

Information Guide

Val de Vie: Sport and Leisure Centre

Pearl Valley: Clubhouse

What are the HOA Office hours:

Val de Vie HOA office:

Mondays to Thursdays:  07h30 – 16h30

Fridays: 07h30 – 16h00

Closed weekends and public holidays

Pearl Valley HOA office:

Mondays to Thursdays:  08h00 – 17h00

Fridays: 08h00 – 16h00

Closed weekends and public holidays

For all Estate related matters, please contact the HOA at hoa@valdevie.co.za.

Val de Vie: Please contact the HOA Receptionist, Estelle Conroy at Estelle.Conroy@valdevie.co.za.

Pearl Valley:  Please contact the Customer Relations Manager, Aletia Oosthuizen at Aletia@pearlvalley.co.za.

Please update your personal information on the Val de Vie Community Portal or contact the HOA via email hoa@valdevie.co.za with your latest information.

New Home Owners:

Val de Vie:  Biometric enrolment forms are available from Estelle Conroy at the Sport and Lifestyle Centre (Estelle.conroy@valdevie.co.za / 021-863 6128).  Completed forms should be submitted to Estelle.

Pearl Valley:  Biometric enrolment forms are available from Daphne Smith at the Clubhouse (Daphne.smith@pearlvalley.co.za / 021-867 8000). Completed forms should be submitted to Daphne.

Physical enrolments should be scheduled by appointment with Daphne Smith.

New Tenants:

Enrolment can only be done after tenants have been approved by the HOA.  A criminal check will be conducted, and when the results are clear, the enrolment can be finalised.  Copies of ID, rental agreement and signed Estate and pet rules must accompany completed enrolment forms.

Val de Vie:  Tenant enrolments are managed by Estelle Conroy.

Pearl Valley: Tenant enrolments are managed by Daphne Smith.


All contractors, domestic workers, gardeners, au pairs, butlers, PA’s etc, need to undergo a criminal check before enrolment.  The enrolment form must be completed and accompanied by a copy of ID/passport.  Valid original work permits are mandatory for foreign workers.

Val de Vie:  Enrolments are done by Chantal Lewis at the L’Huguenot gate.

Pearl Valley:  Enrolments are done by Maurice Haupt at the Main gate.

Remotes are available to residents only, at a cost of R300 each.

Val de Vie: Please contact Estelle Conroy on 021-863 6100 at the Sport and Leisure Centre.

Pearl Valley: Please contact Daphne Smith on 021-867 8000 at the Clubhouse.

Please visit the Val de Vie website on the HOA Internal Communication link for step-by-step instructions on how this paperless visitor enrolment system works.

Val de Vie: A post box key can only be obtained after the property has been transferred into your name, during office hours at the HOA office, or on occupation of the home.

Pearl Valley: Please request keys for your post box from Maurice Haupt at the Main gate.

Val de Vie: Erf number, Val de Vie Estate, Kliprug Minor Road, Paarl 7646

Pearl Valley: Erf number, Pearl Valley, Paarl, 7646.

Post is sorted as and when received from the SA postal services.

Yes. Please complete the furniture removal indemnity form available from the security main gates prior to arranging your delivery or removal.

Val de Vie:     It is the homeowner’s responsibility to apply for a dustbin once Drakenstein occupation is issued.  Use your stand number (SG) as reference, and phone 021-807-4715.

Pearl Valley: One refuse bin per newly completed property is issued by the HOA. Home owners wishing to purchase or replace a refuse bin, can contact the HOA Building Controller, Jadewin Opperman, on 073 829 4533 or via email Jadewin.Opperman@valdevie.co.za.

Val de Vie: Refuse removal is done weekly by the Drakenstein Municipality. Normal refuse is collected Wednesdays and garden refuse Fridays. Please refer to the schedule at www.drakenstein.gov.za.

Pearl Valley: Refuse is collected by Wasteman every Monday morning (including all public holidays). Please place your bin on the pavement outside your property before 08h00. Do remember to take your bin back in once removal has taken place.

Val de Vie Estate forms part of the municipal door-to-door recycling service.  Each week, on the same day as your refuse removal, your recyclable material will be collected.  First time users can collect a bag from the HOA reception to start off with.  Place next to your refuse bin for collection.  Home owners can also make use of the paper and glass banks at the Maintenance Centre.

Pearl Valley has its own recycling unit situated behind the post box building at the main entrance of the Estate.

Val de Vie: The picnic area is located on the banks of the Berg river, on the northern side of the Estate.  Access to the river frontage and the picnic area is controlled, and only possible to residents via pre-programmed remote controls (with the same remote as for inner lane booms). Access is only possible via three gates – the southern gate, the gate at the picnic area and the northern gate.  Access is limited to non-motorised transport, during daylight hours only.

Pearl Valley: The Boma is available to all residents.  If you plan to use the Boma please check with Daphne Smith at daphne.smith@pearlvalley.co.za if the facility has not been booked exclusively.

Electrician:  Steven Jones – 021-979 4925 / 082 871 4960 or 084 513 8088

Plumbing: Dawie Theron Plumbing – 076 542 4757 or 074 906 0787

Drain It – 021-855 3035 / 078 920 6491

The Estate does not guarantee or take any responsibility for the quality of services, products provided, or the conduct of any of the service providers mentioned in the publication.

Yes, please discuss your stabling requirements and enquires with Rosemary Bartlett. She can be contacted on 072 247 2929 or equestcentre@hotmail.com.

Privately owned golf carts used on the Estate must be electric and in the standard manufactured colours (green or beige). If you intend to use the golf cart on the golf course, it must be silver in colour. All carts must have a decal sticker with the applicable SG/ Erf /lodge number. Decal stickers can be ordered with Jaco at Jaco.Coetzee@pearlvalley.co.za at a cost of R160. Gold stickers will be issued for Val de Vie residents and silver for Pearl Valley to eliminate confusion between house numbers.

Any work involving building, renovations, water tanks and artificial grass will require plans to be submitted to the HOA Building Controller.

Please contact Jovan Venter @jovan.venter@valdevie.co.za or 021-867 8000


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