As the Berg River flows along the estate, it offers residents a variety of beautiful locations to enjoy as picnic spots, fishing spots or to spend a peaceful afternoon basking in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the estate since inception in 2004, with focus on restoring the environment to its natural splendour. Originally used as a sand quarry, Val de Vie Estate has implemented environmentally sustainable solutions through innovation and development that have resulted in a flourishing ecosystem.

Formerly indigenous game of the Paarl-Franschhoek Valley has been reintroduced in a joint feasibility study with Cape Nature Conservation in 2010. A fenced 4.3-hectare grazing area is home to a herd of springbok, zebra and Cape grysbok. An environmentally sensitive area comprising 50 hectares of protected Fynbos spans across the estate and adds an iconic element of untouched natural beauty.

Hundreds of bird species, including Spotted Eagle owl and a pair of Fish eagle, duiker, hares and porcupine have made Val de Vie Estate their home.Twelve large lakes (previously used as quarries) total 8 hectares and surrounded by impressive homes, is a shelter for otters, ducks and freshwater fish. Boutique farming on the Gentlemen’s Estates, River Club and The Acres inspires a ‘farm to table’ lifestyle through growing organic vegetable gardens and crops.

In a groundbreaking partnership with the local municipality, the estate went off the municipal water grid in 2017 with the implementation of a private Water Purification Plant that purifies groundwater and supplies residents with water suitable for household consumption. Val de Vie Estate is a proud pioneer in the conservation of water as a natural resource and providing life-giving water not only to families that live on the estate but also to the greater Drakenstein community.


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